Mystery Bags for Beginners

Mystery Bags for Beginners

Crafting Besties


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This is a  sublimation starter bag to get you started with sublimation

Each bag may differ its a mystery !

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Kizzy Mickens
Mystery Bag

Nice bag .. I just have figure out h sublimate on a few items Lol

Mystery Bag

I love it ! I love all products Crafting Besties have to offer.

Lisa Cherry
Mystery Bags

Sorry waiting so late to give my feedback on the Mystery Bag so let me tell ya'll it was so much NICE stuff in the bag that I being smiling and telling my friends about it that was the best Mystery bag and I would like to thank you so much for it

Disappointed…not a random mystery

Ordered 2 mystery bags for my 9 year old daughter. She loves mystery toys and items, so I thought this would be something fun for us to do together since she always wants to help. She was disappointed! They were not random or even in a bag. The exact same items were handpick and placed in 2 separate stacks on the packs of paper I ordered. It was not fun mystery bags for her to open, so we were disappointed. I guess I just assumed that the mystery bags were already made and what you got would be a surprise to the sender and receiver. The description stated “Each bag may differ its a mystery!” so I did know that we may receive the same things in the bags and was willing to take that risk when I ordered 2 bags. However, I didn’t know they wouldn’t be in bags and someone would hand pick the items to send and purposefully choose the exact same items, place them in identical stacks, and send them out 😔.

With all that said…I do love the Crafting Besties paper…we were just terribly disappointed with the effort on the mystery bags.

Love it!!!

The bag was filled with good, quality items. It's worth the cost.

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